Ball Tip

Ball tip scissors are particularly useful for areas that are more sensitive or difficult to maneuver around, such as the face, paws, and groin. The blunt ends prevent accidental nicks or cuts that can occur when using regular scissors with pointed tips.


If you’re looking for precision and style in pet grooming, look no further than Ball Tip Dog Grooming Scissors. These specially designed scissors are a must-have tool for any pet owner or professional groomer, ensuring both safety and excellent results.


Our Ball Tip Dog Grooming Scissors have a unique feature that sets them apart from regular grooming scissors – the rounded tip. This ball tip design ensures that you can trim your furry friend’s fur with confidence, without the worry of accidental nicks or cuts. It’s the ideal choice for pets that may be a little fidgety during grooming, making the process safe and comfortable for both you and your pet.


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