Stripping Knives Manufacturing:


Material Selection:
The first step in manufacturing dog stripping knives is selecting the appropriate materials. These knives are usually made from high-quality stainless steel or other durable metals. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, ease of sharpening, and corrosion resistance.

Design and Prototyping:
Designers create a prototype of the dog stripping knife using computer-aided design (CAD) software. The design takes into consideration the ergonomic handle, blade shape, and teeth arrangement. The prototype might be 3D-printed or crafted by hand to test its functionality and comfort.

Blade Manufacturing:
The blade is one of the critical components of a stripping knife. Here’s a general overview of the blade manufacturing process:

Blank Cutting: A metal sheet is cut into the desired shape using techniques such as laser cutting or press cutting.
Grinding and Shaping: The rough-cut blade blank is then ground and shaped to achieve the desired blade geometry. This includes creating the serrated teeth along the blade’s edge.
Heat Treatment: The blade is heat-treated to enhance its hardness, strength, and edge retention. This involves heating the blade to a specific temperature and then cooling it rapidly.

Handle Manufacturing:
The handle of the stripping knife is usually made from materials like wood, plastic, or rubber for grip and comfort. The handle can be manufactured using injection molding (for plastic), carving and shaping (for wood), or other appropriate techniques.

Once the blade and handle components are ready, they are assembled together. The blade is securely attached to the handle, ensuring proper alignment and stability.

The assembled stripping knife undergoes finishing processes, which may include polishing, buffing, and deburring. This enhances the appearance of the knife and removes any sharp edges or burrs.

Quality Control:
Each stripping knife goes through quality control checks to ensure that it meets the desired standards. This includes checking for defects, proper assembly, and overall functionality.

Packaging and Distribution:
Once the knives pass quality control, they are packaged appropriately. Packaging might include protective covers for the blade and a suitable container to prevent damage during shipping. The finished knives are then distributed to retailers, groomers, or directly to consumers.


Stripping Knives Cutting Dies                                                     Cutting                                                                  Teeth Grinding

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Stripping Knives Handle                                                       Handle Inserted                                                      Handle Shape

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Handle Final Shape                                                          Red & Blue Stripping Knife                                      Rubber Grip Handle

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Dog Grooming Scissors Manufacturing:


Design and Prototype: The process begins with designing the scissors. Engineers and designers create 3D models using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Prototypes are often made to test the design’s functionality, ergonomics, and safety features.

Material Selection: High-quality stainless steel is commonly used for making grooming scissors due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and sharpness retention. The selected steel is usually a combination of alloys that provide the required balance of hardness and flexibility.

Cutting and Shaping: Once the design is finalized and the materials are selected, the steel sheets are cut into rough shapes using lasers, waterjets, or other precision cutting methods. These rough shapes will become the blades of the scissors.

Heat Treatment: The scissor blades are then heat-treated to enhance their hardness and strength. This involves heating the blades to a specific temperature and then rapidly cooling them. The precise temperature and cooling process determine the final hardness and durability of the scissors.

Grinding and Honing: After heat treatment, the blades are ground and honed to create the cutting edges. Skilled craftsmen use grinding machines to achieve the desired sharpness and edge geometry. This step requires precision to ensure the blades cut smoothly and effectively.

Assembly: The handles, which can be made from various materials like plastic, rubber, or metal, are attached to the blades. The pivot screw is inserted, allowing the scissors to open and close smoothly.

Adjustment and Testing: The assembled scissors are tested for proper alignment, tension, and sharpness. Any necessary adjustments are made to ensure the scissors function correctly and cut effectively.

Finishing Touches: The scissors are polished to remove any sharp edges or imperfections. They are cleaned, dried, and possibly coated with a protective layer to prevent corrosion.

Quality Control: Before packaging, the scissors undergo a final quality control inspection. Each pair is checked for defects, sharpness, and proper functioning. This step ensures that only high-quality scissors reach the market.

Packaging and Distribution: Once the scissors pass quality control, they are packaged and prepared for distribution. Packaging may include protective cases or sheaths to prevent damage during transit and storage.


Scissors Forging                                                                       Screw hole                                                                   Milling Work

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Thinning Scissor Teeth                                                        Scissor Grinding                                                       Outside Grinding

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